Deadend, Left is a practice based research project that works broadly within the framework of social movement theory. The attempt is to look at the geographical state of Karnataka and map the social movements organised here. Part of this is to investigate protest methodologies – organising, recruiting, dissemination and these explorations would not be limited geographically.

Over the past year the geographical location of work has expanded to cover a lot of India and this has been through being involved with the farmer’s movement.

This is a collaborative project being undertaken by Rashmi and Shilpa who identify and place themselves within a space of intersectional feminist arts practice occupying the Dalit-feminist standpoint while aligning with anti-capitalistic struggles.

Shilpa Munikempanna

Shilpa trained in film making in London, UK. She is an award winning film maker (for Kaveri) having shown at international festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, Kyiv etc and national festivals such as IDSFF Kerala and IAWRT.

Rashmi Munikempanna

Rashmi’s training is in photography with a masters from UCA, UK. She has been photographing for more than a decade both in India and in London, having exhibited in galleries in both places as an artist. She also works as a guest lecturer teaching photography as an arts practice in art and journalism schools such as Sophia’s (Mumbai) and Srishti (Bengaluru).

We are currently in the process of streamlining/formalising this effort so hopefully more exciting projects on the way in collaboration with other artists/activists.

You can reach us on info at deadendleft dot com